Welcome to our GOOD Blog!

Welcome to our GOOD Blog!

Why should this be different for other services?

GOOD APP aims to completely make sure that the users get happy and solve tasks or earn money! On our blog we let you know how we want to do this. Each of us used the Internet for quite a while in order to find craft enterprises, tutors, gardeners and other local “Service-providers” and to get page-by-page reviews and other descriptions. Have you ever wondered why you as a client, actually have to look for the service providers, but not the Service providers after you? If you want to eat in a restaurant, finally the waiter comes to you to bring the menu. Because here the customer is paying for that services.

We thought about it. And we have a Solution found:


The customers offer jobs, the service providers are looking for jobs. The APP matches them with just a swipe. Local, simple and fast! Publish your Job-Offer for free in our GOOD APP. No matter what service sector you choose. Service providers from your area can apply for your Job-Offer. Swipe to the left: You won´t apply for the Job and the APP is showing you the next Job close to you. Swipe to the right: Congratulations! You just applied for the Job. You will also be able to see the next local Job, as it will appear on the APP. Very simple and fast.

The APP GOOD ensures that users who made a Job-Offer will find the right service provider. The APP GOOD also finds the right Job-Offer for the Service Provider of any domain. Do you like a local Job-Offer? With only one Swipe you can decide whether you accept it or view the next Job-Offer. Very transparent and clearly settled: No haggling, No misunderstandings, no struggling to find the right people!

It has never been so easily to find a suitable Job-Offer or a suitable Service Provider.

Thanks GOOD.