Your skills & service
      = earn money

With a few steps you can create your profile and add your skill as a service.
People near by you will send you a booking request.

You decide if you accept the booking.
All features of the app are free for you (no subscription).


Free download

Money protection

GOOD APP is saving your money into a trust account.
After the job is done the payment provider will transfer the money in your account.

Money into your bank account

After a task/booking/job is successful done we will transfer the money into your bank account.

// Service categories

Pickup- & Delivery

House & Garen

Training & Teaching

Care Service

Multimedia, EDV & Media

Wellness & Beauty

Movables, Car & Co.

Travel & Events

Craft & Construction

Flexible work, tabs with your finger

Find local jobs that fit your skills and schedule.
Or get booked after you add your service with goodapp
You have the freedom and support to be your own boss.

Be the boss

Work with who, what, where and when you want. Offer your service in up to 9 categories.

Rate per hour

Ask 100% what you want for your service, plus tipps! The invoice and payment get to the goodapp money payment. No failouts, 100% secure!

Clients in your area

Your service will be shown in the clients area. Every booking is close to your. Keep calm and wait for bookings!

Whats Goodapp?

Goodapp is your Online Market Place for all kind of professional, temporary, long- and short term Jobs.

Option 1 (Look for special helper):
You can create a task-announcement.

Option 2 (Earn money):
You can apply to task-announcements and earn money

Option 3 (Earn money):
You transform your skill into money. Create a service and get booked

Option 4 (Book a service):
You book somebody, for cleaning, training, teaching or a plumber.

Fast & Easy!

Start to make money

Download the free app

Download and install our free application. Search on google play or apple store with "good app" keyword.

Click on earn money

Click on earn money button. You will get easy and simple to the onboarding process.

Offer your service

Offer your service. Give your title a skill, add some nice videos, pictures and a good description. After that you will get booked.

I like the Good app! Its very easy to handle it. I am my own boss and propose appointments for requested bookings.

Paul W., Bucharest, Romania


You can download the GOOD APP from App Store or Google Play and create a free profile with just a few clicks.

GOOD APP contains a wide range of job categories, for example craftsman who renovate your bathroom, gardener, who are taking care your lawn, tennistrainer, skitrainer, babysitter, hair stylist, medical doctor, teacher and many more

GOOD APP is saving your money in a trust account. After the job is done the payment provider will transfer the money in your account.

To register and using the GOOD APP is for free, either if you want to post a job announcement or either to apply for a job. After the job is done, a fee for the successful mediation will be deducted.

Once you complete your service offer and the registration goodapp is showing your service in the rotation to the clients. Also, you will be shown up into the search results. Make sure you have a nice profile with high quality pictures and videos to get many booking requests.


Start to make money now: