Frequently asked questions

You can download the GOOD APP from App Store or Google Play and create a free profile with just a few clicks.

If you want to offer a job, you have to open your Employer profile and add a new Job offer with details of your job and your requirements.

If you want to apply for a job, you have to open your Service Provider profile, complete it with up to 10 photos, your description, tags of your skills and you are ready to apply for jobs.

Yes, you can place more Jobs in the same time.

Yes, you can be both Employer and Service Provider in the same time for different jobs.

To register on GOOD APP is for free, either if you want to post a job announcement or either to apply for a job. After the job is done, the person who booked your service will pays you with cash money.

GOOD APP contains a wide range of job categories, for example craftsman who renovate your bathroom, gardener, who are taking care your lawn, tennistrainer, skitrainer, babysitter, hair stylist, medical doctor, teacher, e.g.. See our services overview below.

For sure you can! You don´t have to be a full-time teacher in a school if you want to apply for a job as a tutor (in Math, English etc.). But please be honest and name only skills which are true. However, for complex craft activities as tiling in the bathroom, you should be sure about the quality of your work and your previous experience. You can also upload pictures from your work in your GOOD APP Profile. Please be aware that the execution of some jobs require special conditions like examination, certificates by law.

The amount of money you should offer for a Job is up to your free decision. The prices for the various services should be based on average fees in your area.

GOOD APP is only a market platform. The Service Provider and the Employer will be the parties of the service contract. GOOD APP is already providing you fixed conditions of the service contract by closing the match.

Most likely yes. Taxes are based on the law of each country in which services are provided. GOOD APP is only a market platform. So each Service Provider and each Employer are obliged by law to fulfil their relevant tax regulations. In case of any questions, please contact your tax adviser.

As the one who offers the Job and spend the money you let the Service Provider apply to you. The Employer does not have to search for a matching Service Provider. Thus the Employer saves a lot of time.

GOOD APP ensures a “payback guarantee”. In any case of defects liability you are able to contact our support team and your request will be processed as soon as possible.
In addition: GOOD APP offers a rating function. So you can give your comments on the job.

After the job is done, people will pay with cash for your service.